The Bevan Chuang Timeline

Further details of the lurid Len Brown / Bevan Chuang sex scandal have pretty much continued daily since the story broke last Tuesday. While some affected parties have “revealed all” (namely Chuang and Whale Oil’s Cameron Slater) in an attempt to be shown in a good light, others have gone to ground in a hope it’ll all blow over. It’s made for a week of shocking and sentential headlines as Auckland’s political underworld has bubbled up to mix with those at the top.

If you’ve over the scandal and want the world to get back to business as usual, then read no further. If, on the other hand you want to get a feel of how it all played out then read on.

First, lets check out some of the key players:

On the Left

Bevan Chuang, Len Brown, Raymond Huo

Bevan Chuang: The lady in question, a 32 year old Hong Kong born political climber

Len Brown: Recently re-elected 57 year old Mayor of Auckland. Labour Party member. Admitted two-year affair with Bevan Chuang after Chuang broke the story.

Raymond Huo: Chinese born Labour list MP, first elected in 2008. Finalist in Whale Oil’s 2012 Worst List MP awards (which was taken out by Gareth Hughes).

On the Right

Luigi Wewege, Bevan Chuang, John Palino

Luigi Wewege: South African born political climber, moved to New Zealand in 2011. Joined Young Nats, campaigned for National MP Simon O’Conner before joining Palino’s campaign team. Romantically linked to Bevan Chuang. Has a questionable CV.

Bevan Chuang: See above.

John Palino: USA born restaurateur and entrepreneur. Star of TV3’s “The Kitchen Job”. Political novice and 2013 right-wing Auckland Mayoral candidate. His campaign web site states he has a passion to help people and “fix problems” (I’m thinking this could come in real handy right now).

The Chuang Timeline

A note on the dates, where available the actual date of the event has been indicated. I’ve interspersed the un-dated events from Chuang’s affidavit as best I can, some may be out of sequence with other actual dates around them (in particular Chuang’s claimed treatment for chlamydia).

Date Details Source
Apr 05 Chuang starts working as a Personal Assistant at the Auckland Museum Chuang’s CV
19 Jul 08 Chuang accesses the Museum Director’s email from home, supplying details to another person Stuff
Jul 08 Chuang is made redundant from Auckland Museum Stuff
Aug 08 Chuang is charged and convicted with unlawfully accessing a computer Stuff
Oct 08 Chuang closely supports Raymond Huo in his election campaign Archie Butterfly
20 Mar 11 Chuang is appointed as a Member of the newly formed Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel by Len Brown Chuang’s CV &; Blog
13 May 11 Chuang meets Len Brown for the first time Chuang’s Affidavit
13 May 11 Chuang receives her first text from Len Brown Chuang’s Affidavit
18 May 11 Chuang talks to Len Brown at Auckland Town Hall function Chuang’s Affidavit
Chuang receives a text from Len Brown asking to meet at his office to discuss work Chuang’s Affidavit
Chuang meets Len Brown at his office, where he compliments her on her appearance Chuang’s Affidavit
Len Brown texts Chuang once or twice a day, calling 3 to 5 times a week Chuang’s Affidavit
Len Brown’s calls to Chuang become personal Chuang’s Affidavit
Chuang meets Len Brown two more times in his office, discussing personal matters Chuang’s Affidavit
Jun 11 Len Brown kisses Chuang in his office Chuang’s Affidavit
5 Jul 11 Len Brown provides Chuang a reference for a job at the Auckland Art Gallery NZ Herald
Len Brown discusses masturbating during calls to Chuang Chuang’s Affidavit
15 Aug 11 Chuang’s birthday, Len Brown Gifts Lingerie Chuang’s Affidavit
Aug 11 Chuang starts as a Sponsorship Coordinator at the Auckland Art Gallery Chuang’s CV
Aug 11 Chuang has sex for first time with Len Brown Chuang’s Affidavit
Sep 11 Chuang posts about the Auckland Art Gallery re-opening on Facebook Facebook
17 Sep 11 Chuang attends Ireland vs Australia Rugby World Cup Chuang’s You Tube
30 Sep 11 Chuang wishes Len Brown a happy birthday on Facebook Chuang’s Facebook
Chuang has sex with Len Brown on a number of occasions over next few months Chuang’s Affidavit
Dec 11 Chuang fired from the Auckland Art Gallery for not disclosing her prior conviction NZ Herald
14 Jan 12 Chuang advertises for sperm donors for her “Dragon Baby” (wanting to get pregnant between Jan 23-Feb 9) NZ Herald
Chuang claims that Len Brown expresses his desire to father her baby Whale Oil
2012 Chuang and Len Brown caught having sex by a security guard at the Auckland Town Hall Chuang’s Affidavit
Chuang and Len Brown have no contact for a month for fear of being caught Chuang’s Affidavit
Mar 12 Wewege snapped with Len Brown The Nation
3 Apr 12 Chuang posts on her blog about the beauty of positive sex Chuang’s Blog
Apr 12 Chuang is interviewed and posts on her blog about older married men chasing her TVNZ
Chuang has sex with Len Brown in hotels three more times Chuang’s Affidavit
Jun 12 Wewege snapped with Chuang The Nation
Oct 12 Chuang started seeing Wewege The Nation
15 Aug 12 Chuang’s birthday
25 Dec 12 Len Brown texts Chuang his love Chuang’s Affidavit
Feb 13 Chuang stopped seeing Wewege Chuang’s Affidavit
Chuang started seeing Len Brown again Chuang’s Affidavit
12 Feb 13 Chuang accompanies Len Brown for a private dinner at Sky City Text Messages
22 Feb 13 Chuang meets with Len Brown at a function Text Messages
Chuang claims she is treated for chlamydia Whale Oil
5 May 13 John Palino announces he will stand for Mayor 3News
15 May 13 Chuang meets with John Palino at a Café NZ Herald
29 May 13 Chuang has another meeting with John Palino NZ Herald
Jun 13 Chuang and Wewege rekindle their relationship The Nation
Jul 13 Chuang has sex with Len Brown for the last time Chuang’s Affidavit
8 Jul 13 Wewege working on Palino’s campaign team The Nation
Len Brown breaks off contact with Chuang Chuang’s Affidavit
14 Jul 13 Len Brown launches his Mayoral campaign, which Chuang attends Whale Oil
19 Jul 13 Election Nominations open
20 Jul 13 John Palino launches his Mayoral Campaign, which Chuang attends Scoop
24 Jul 13 Chuang interviews Len Brown on View TV Text Messages
24 Jul 13 Len Brown texts Chuang to arrange dates to meet again Text Messages
31 Jul 13 Chuang nominated to stand for a Local Board seat AucklandChinese
15 Aug 13 Chuang’s birthday
16 Aug 13 Election Nominations close, campaign proper starts
28 Aug 13 Wewege asks Chuang to forward any “incriminating” texts from Len Brown, indicating that “John” would approve The Nation
8 Sep 13 Chuang returns a voice recorder to Wewege The Nation
Wewege talks to Whale Oil about the Len Brown affair Whale Oil
Chuang claims John Palino offers her a job if he becomes Mayor The Nation
24 Sep 13 Wewege pressures Chuang for an Affidavit to give to Whale Oil The Nation
2 Oct 13 Chuang receives a text warning her not to talk to the Slaters Chuang’s Affidavit
8 Oct 13 Len Brown tells his wife about the affair Whale Oil
8 Oct 13 Chuang, Whale Oil, John Palino and John Slater receive text threatening not to publish details of the affair Whale Oil
12 Oct 13 Chuang misses out on a Local Board seat by 246 votes
13 Oct 13 Chuang talks to Whale Oil via Stephen Cook and is told an affidavit would shame Len Brown into resigning The Nation
13 Oct 13 Chuang has a late night meeting with John Palino to discuss threatening texts NZ Herald
14 Oct 13 Wewege pleads with Chuang to have the Affidavit completed The Nation
14 Oct 13 Chuang sends a draft affidavit to Whale Oil The Nation
15 Oct 13 Chuang signs an affidavit admitting and detailing the affair Chuang’s Affidavit
15 Oct 13 Whale Oil Publishes news of the Len Brown affair followed up with the Chuang’s affidavit Whale Oil
15 Oct 13 Len Brown admits affair, appears on Campbell Live Campbell Live
15 Oct 13 Chuang calls for Len Brown to resign Whale Oil
16 Oct 13 Chuang denies having relationship with Wewege Whale Oil
19 Oct 13 Stephen Cook offers Chuang money to appear in a porn movie Stuff
19 Oct 13 Women’s Day offer $5,000 for Chuang’s story Stuff
20 Oct 13 Stephen Cook claims to have naked pictures of Chuang Stuff
20 Oct 13 Hamish Price, speaking on behalf of Chuang express regret and indicates an apology has been sent to Len Brown Stuff

What a sad state of affairs with poor judgement all-round. One would hope that now all parties involved are taking political damage, the story will shortly run it’s course. There are more important issues ahead.

  • tas

    It seems that everyone involved has been splattered in muck.

    Note that the Young Nats deny that Wewage is or was a member.

  • Lolibee Bella Doll

    That person on the first picture next to Len Brown is not Raymond Huo…. He is completely not related….

    • Andrew McMillan

      Apologies for that, I’ve updated the photos accordingly

  • Michelle C

    Chuang is an opportunist,she knew exactly how to play this to her best interest and frankly her ‘poor little victim’ routine is a pathetic attempt to redeem herself. What did she expect would happen when she got into bed with a powerful married man, a prominent public figure. But she didn’t stop at one did she, no she got into bed TWO, she played them both, seriously I have no sympathy for this insecure attention seeking woman at all. She has brought all of this on herself. Pity for her the jobs and holidays she were promised didn’t work out so instead she thought she’d create a media shit storm and ruin a few lives.

  • JohnRW

    Great work Andrew. Has any more data come your way which further refines the timeline?