Solid Energy’s Perfect Storm

In describing the conditions that led to the strife that state owned coal miner Solid Energy is currently in, former CEO Don Elder, former Chairman John Palmer, along with both the Minister of State Services Tony Ryall and the Minister of Finance Bill English all referred to it as a “perfect storm”.


The moment when former chairman John Palmer and CEO Don Elder realised they were steering Solid Energy into the “perfect storm”

The term “perfect storm” was popularised by the 2000 movie of the same title, staring Geroge Clooney. The movie portrays the fate of swordfishing captain Billy Tyne (Clooney) and his crew.

Desperate for money and with only one last chance to haul a catch for the season, Tyne takes his boat out past his usual fishing grounds. After finally getting a good catch, the boat’s ice machine breaks down and Tyne is faced with heading straight home before his catch spoils. The only problem is that a massive storm system (the “perfect storm”) is in his path. Despite many warnings, Tyne decides to take it on, with dire consequences; the boat goes down and no one survives.

It was a story of desperation, greed, and recklessness.

In consideration, it might actually be a better metaphor than the four abovementioned realised?